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Finding Hotels in Katra might be little hectic in your Vaishno Devi Trip, but I am sharing here some tips which will help you to get best hotels in Katra for your stay and will make your trip enjoyable

First of all there are all types hotels and resorts in Katra, it fits every ones pocket and with little search you can find a very good hotel that will fit your pocket

Your Ability to bargain will help you to get best Hotels in Katra

With Your “ability to bargain” you can get good hotels in Katra at reasonable rates, there are many budget hotels in Katra (hundreds of budget hotels) near the bus stand or near Ban Ganga, in the radius of 1 or 2 KM from the Ban Gnaga, the main entrance of the yatra

It is advisable to get a hotel near Ban Ganga, the main entrance gate for the yatra and there you can get some good and clean hotels cheap

As Soon as you land at the Bus stand of Katra, you will defiantly get caught by the middle man who will try to sell a hotel deal, you must be beware of them, their main aim is to make maximum Profit from you so they will try to get you in a deal that is most benefited to them; you have to make a wise decision here

People with family are always get cheated by them as they are always in hurry to get hotel, so have little patience and search for good and clean hotels in Katra, look for cleanliness of bed sheets and most important toilet, in most hotels in Katra  you will get both western and Indian type toilets, many people will not prefer western toilet so you must go into the room and check the toilet and other most important thing that you must look for Hotel in Katra where they have Cloak Room where you will keep your language when you will climb for Mata Vaishno Devi’s Darshan

Good Secure Cloak Room is Must when you look for Hotels in Katra

Good and Secure Cloak Room in a Hotel is must, some people are ready to pay extra if the hostel has good cloak room just to keep their belongings safe and never ever leave anything valuable in bags like your mobile phones, camera or jewellery etc.  They will never be safe

Some people look for short term stay like for 4 hrs just to get fresh and go for the yatra so you will even get hotels in katra for short stay of say 4 hrs

Good Bargain is necessary, make hotel owners feel that they are in need of you rather them showing your hurry and eagerness of getting a hotel, unless it is peak season you will always find very good hotels cheap a good price with non AC room with Cooler is Rs 300 to Rs 500 not more that that sometime people find it around Rs 250 or 200 based on how you can bargain and a AC room if it is really hot, you will get from Rs 600 to 1200 (bargain); a very good with good toilet, big room, big bed and marble with 1200, but keep in mind electricity supply is not reliable like any town of India, there is on average 4 -6 hrs of daily power cut in Katra, so you must keep this factor in mind, so if you pay more make sure hotel has a generator, obviously AC will not run even on generator

People day there are free Dhramshala but private dharamshalas are not free, you will have to pay something to them, and toilet how you will mange you have to make sure of that in dharmasalas but dharamshalas are the cheapest option for stay in Katra

People with Family are likely to be charged more by the hotel owners because they feel they can profit most out of them

There are 3 Star Hotles in Katra and Resorts are also located nearby but most good ones are distant apart from the town or bus or taxi stand, those are mostly booked online or by travel agents but make sure they provide taxi service to Ban Ganga and back to hotel, because you might be very tired to go to your hotel after yarta and if your hotel is distant it will be very disastrous felling

Prefer Book 3 Start Hotels and Resorts if You have preplanned everything and make sure you read the reviews online of such hotels because it is not always that you will get best facilities when you pay more

Use Your Common sense to take wise decision of getting a hotel in Katra and keep yourself and your belongs safe at any hotels

Mata Vaishno Devi Shire Board has also constructed some yatri niwas for that you can refer their website

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