Vaishno Devi Trip

Vaishno Devi Trip

How to Plan Vaishno Devi Trip so that you can have Best Darshan and can enjoy your holidays

Mata Vaishno Devi Trip is the most desired by all Hindus, many are not luck enough to get an opportunity to have Mata Vaishno Devi Tip but if you have got the opportunity then it will is very important that you make most out of your Vaishno Devi Trip because it may be your once in your life opportunity

How to Plan Vaishno Devi Tip even if you don’t have much time?

Many people come from remote towns of India so trains are the only means of their communication; trains are mostly heavily rushed all around the year people are not generally lucky to get Tatkaal tickets

 You can also plan a Break Journey for Your Vaishno Devi Trip

New Delhi is 500 km from Vaishno Devi and it is hardly 10 to 12 hr journey from New Delhi, and luckily there are huge no. of trains that either pass from New Delhi  (or Delhi region) or originate in Delhi or it suburban stations

New Delhi has very good connectivity from all over India since it is India’s Capital and you are mostly likely to get reservation to New Delhi in your state’s best connecting trains

There Many Special Trains that are always made to run from Delhi reason to Vaishno Devi so there is lot of chances that you will get reservation for your Vaishno Devi Trip

But many still don’t prefer to do break journey for them tatkaal option is best if they are determined to have mata vaishno devi trip, try tatkaal system for couple of days and if you have Mata’s Grace you will definitely get a ticket

Remember Mata Vaishno Devi Trip is now rushed all round the year but navratri (both spring and autumn) and summer vacations of May and June are most heavily rushed and least rushed months are moths December, January, if you are ready to bear extreme cold


Thinking ahead and Doing Online Hotel Reservations for Vaishno Devi Trip

Not always a good idea because the hotels rates very fluctuating there are so many hotels in Katra that with little person inspection and with patience you can find a decent hotel room which stills fits budget

Even if you know how to do an online hotel booking, it is not always that you cam book good hotels cheap, good chances that you will be disappointed

When to do Book Online Hotel Reservation for Vaishno Devi Trip

Only it is advice able if you are in family and or have pre-planned everything months before or you are going for Darshan in Navratris and Summer Holidays then there is less chances that you will get good hotels by roaming in Katra, you must book your hotels online

Rest of the year you will get good bargain, and don’t forget to bargain for hostel rooms you will get cheap rooms at good places if you do so

Don’t get caught in the hands of middle man they will always try to convince you that you will get the best bargain but it is not true they just want to make money from you, do a wise decision and search a good hotel with little patience, they will by their tricks to convince you that they have the best deal for you and nothing is free their expect shrine board’s free accommodation

Bhavan is approx 12 KM from katra and Bhairo Baba Mandir is steep climb of appox 2.5 kms and if you do not rest at Bhawan and have less time and you will not able to do Bhairo Baba Darshan in your Vaishno Devi Trip so must keep this in mind for planning a schedule for yatra and at ardh kumari darshan, it will take more than 12hrs minimum for darshan and I am taking about average days

So scheduling the time for the visit of each place is very important, you must keep 2 days full for darshan at all these 3 places if you plan to visit all these 3 places with good rest

Based on the place where you live in India, you must keep 3 days for your vasihno devi trip from Jammu to Katra and back to Jammu actually 2 days are also very sufficient if you do not rush and have effectively Mind Mapped everything from Jammu to Katra and back to Jammu as most of people from neibhouring states of Punjab Haryana Himanchal Pradesh can complete their Vaishno Devi Trip in their weekends

I will try to give you more details my next blog posts, so keep reading my blogs for more information

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